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Our Product hosts-deny help Server-Administrators to secure your Servers and block all Intruders automaticly. This is a absolute Optimum for You and bring up your servers with more performance and power!

Every Administrator of one or more Server investigate much hours to find Intrudings and Documentation of this and for Blocking of them. This work cost in average per server many thousend Euros/USD.

host-deny can help you, to reduce the costs of your servers and save your time to check the servers:

All Owners of small vServers too, pay for this, what the servers-kapacity normaly brings and use expl this server for websites and other and will get the bennefit. They pay for annonces and something more and ca. 3 month later, the server is only slow. But many owners dont see why? It´s comming from Intruders. They make so much traffic, that the most servers stroke! A normal reaktion from them is, to upgrade the server to a higer level, but why? This cost only many money and 3 month later, they have the same problem. So hosts-deny reduce this problems and save your money!

Big companies have trouble too, about the Intruders:

Big companies, have administrators with aknoledment, they use firewalls and so on, but intruders uses ways, what the operating-system-producers have not see and most time the firewall cant see this and the result of this is, the servers holds or stock and with the possiblity, that databases crashed. To repair this, many hours restore must runs.

Hosts-Deny reduce this situations!

hosts-deny is your application behind a intruder dectection system:

A Intruder Detection System helps you to find the intrudings and hosts-deny use this informations, to block automaticly this intruders for a period of time.
Expl. a Intruder test differented ways, the firewall accept all, whey the datatransfer over the ports is correct, but the intruders comes expl. from tailand and test more times to login in differented programs (expl. FTP too) with differented users and differented passwords. 
The Intruder Detection System snort (r) locate the intrudings and hosts-deny block the intruder automaticly!

SPAM in formulars:

All companes will reduce the spam from emails and about this, they let their clients fill out formulars. But now, this is a actual problem, the spammers send automaticly spam in the forms. Programs checks automaticly all sides and when they find a form, the programs find the way to fill it out. You can check self the formular answers and when you find a spammer, you send the IP to a special side of hosts-deny and hosts-deny block them automaticly for a period.

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hosts-deny is not a firewall, but it can program an external firewall (optional):

So, when you have a firewall, what it´s programmable, and you have many servers, we can program too this firewall or we prepare an api!

hosts-deny blocks better the intruders, as a firewall: 

hosts-deny is intelligent and see too, when a intruder comes everytime from differented IPs out of one or more segments and block then automaticly for a period this complete segment of IPs. After a period of time, the blockings will automaticly stop, but hosts-deny learn about this IPs or segments and block the intruders for a longer time, when they doe this again!

A special feature is, that you can change the blocking intervals and other settings: 

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You can change this settings, but the default settings are very good and function perfect, without blocking your clients and users. When you start and your server is total on limit, about the intruding, you start at the first time with a controlling interval of 10 minutes, on the second day all 5 minutes and later to all 1-2 mintes! This you can setup in the configuration scripts. 

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